Multiple Choice Questions

Journal articles (free)

Spondylolysis is common in athletes and may respond to conservative treatment. If surgery is needed, 82% return to their previous level of activity. (free)

There is no clear evidence that fusion surgery is better than rehabilitation for chronic back pain. (paid)

Lumbar fusion can reduce pain and disability in a well-informed and well-selected group. (free)

Good general article on cauda equina syndrome. (free)

This article gives data on the massive disparity in distribution of surgeons and other clinicians in the world. (paid)

This article shows that cervical disc replacement in degenerative conditions is safe and may reduce adjacent-level disease. (free)

Classic paper on the state of global surgery and a challenge to improve this before 2030. (free)

Malignant spinal cord compression treatment is improved by including decompressive surgery. (free)

An appeal to measure specific outcome measures in cauda equina treatment research. (free)

Correction of cervicothoracic kyphosis by decancellisation of C7. (paid)

A classic paper outlining non-organic physical signs found in patients who do not have significant spine pathology. (free)

A classic paper outlining the classification of spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis.

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