Multiple Choice Questions

Journal articles (paid)

The article provides an overview of the most important facets of a comprehensive physical examination for patients experiencing glenohumeral instability. (paid)

This article provides a synthesis of evidence and expert opinion on the acute on-field management of glenohumeral dislocations. (free)

This is a retrospective case series detailing a single surgeon’s experience using the bony Bankart bridge repair technique for managing bony Bankart lesions. At final follow-up, 75% of patients had returned to their pre-injury level of sports participation. (paid)

This retrospective case series consisting of paediatric and adolescent anterior cruciate ligament injuries quantifies the risk of concurrent pathologies and the risk of developing such pathologies with delayed treatment. (paid)

This retrospective case series details patient-reported outcome measures on recreational athletes older than 70 years who underwent isolated primary or revision arthroscopic supraspinatus repairs by a single surgeon. Seventy-seven per cent of patients were able to return to sports with a similar intensity to that before surgery. (paid)

This review article provides background on elbow ulnar collateral ligament anatomy, biomechanics, injury, surgical options and clinical results following surgery.,_Rehabilitation,_and.7.aspx/ (free)

This qualitative review details evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of both low and high ankle sprains.

Book (free)

This retrospective case series details both subjective complaints and objective findings in over 300 patients who presented with femoroacetabular impingement from a single surgeon’s practice.

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