Multiple Choice Questions

Journal articles (free)

This is a review of the types of injuries sustained in natural disasters. It describes how this knowledge can be utilised to anticipate the need for surgical resources and their deployment. – :~:text=Triage is the allocation of, of major emergencies %5B2%5D/ (free)

Triage is the cornerstone of mass casualty management. This review article focuses on triage and triage systems currently being used. (free)

A systematic review focusing on the nature of wounds in disaster situations and the outcomes of wound management in recent disasters. (free)

This articles details the challenges of surgery during crisis in 20 low-income countries. (free)

This article by members of Doctors Without Borders explains how minimal standards of surgical care can be met during disasters, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

Book chapter – 1141185696/ (free)

A review of the epidemiology and management of disasters and mass casualty events, both natural and man-made.

Guidelines (free)

Detailed guidelines from the World Health Organization on emergency surgical care in disaster situations. Best practices_0.pdf/ (free)

Best practice guidelines on surgical response in disasters and humanitarian emergencies. This is based on the recommendations of a multicentre Humanitarian Action Summit.

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