Multiple Choice Questions

Journal articles (free)

This is one of the first publications on the use of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) for screening for prostate cancer and is a landmark study as it helped establish population screening with PSA. (paid)

This study helped analyse differences in prostate-specific antigen at different ages and thus suggested that there may not be one fixed value for each age. (free)

Also known as the ProtecT study, this paper reports that prostate cancer-specific mortality was low after 10 years of observation, surgery or radiotherapy for localised prostate cancer but both active interventions were associated with a lower incidence of disease progression and metastases.


This guideline from the American Urological Association defines the recommended work-up of patients with microscopic haematuria and is an important resource for the evaluation of such patients.

Calculators (free)

This risk calculator from the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation provides multiple tools for assessing general health, prostate-specific antigen-based risk of prostate cancer and cancer risk based on other parameters. (free)

This prostate cancer risk calculator is based on the information from the PCPT trial.

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