Multiple Choice Questions

Journal article (free)

A review of the current standard treatment, evolving treatment paradigms and the emerging biomarkers that are likely to help improve patient selection and personalisation of therapy, leading to superior outcomes for patients with early-stage colon cancer.

Guidelines (free)

UK guidelines providing comprehensive clinical guidance on the management of patients with gynaecological issues linked to Lynch syndrome, detailing appropriate standards of care. (free)

Extensive UK guidelines detailing the surgical management of all aspects of cancer of the colon, rectum and anus. (free)

National Institute of Health and Care Excellence guidelines covering the management of colorectal cancer in adults. These guidelines utilise a robust methodological design and detail the management of local disease as well as metastatic disease. (free)

UK guidelines focused on the diagnosis and management of acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding in adults, including methods of risk assessment and interventions to diagnose and treat such bleeding. (free)

UK guidelines providing an evidence-based framework for the use of surveillance colonoscopy and non-colonoscopic colorectal imaging in adults who have undergone polypectomy or colorectal cancer resection. (free)

European guidelines focused on identification of patients with Lynch syndrome, colorectal surveillance, surgical management of colorectal cancer, lifestyle and chemoprevention.

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