Multiple Choice Questions

Journal articles (paid)

Editorial explaining the importance of mesenteric organogenesis. (paid)

Paper describing a three-dimensional atlas of human embryology. (free)

Paper exploring bacterial translocation to the mesentery. (free)

Open access paper explaining the development and shape of the mesentery, peritoneum and the human abdomen in general. (free)

A publication that provides an overview to the paper at (free)

Article explaining the structure, function and role of the mesentery (and peritoneum) in health and disease.


Website to figures, videos and models explaining the development and the shape of the mesentery.

Access to links to a book called The Mesenteric Principles of Gastrointestinal Surgery. The website provides open access to interactive models that help the reader to understand the anatomy of the mesentery, peritoneum and abdomen in general.


65.1 Posterior development of mesentery


65.2 Continuous mesentery during development


65.3 Adult peritoneum at completion of development


65.4 Retroperitoneal space and fascia


65.5 Mesenteric vasculature

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